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Surfing in Jersey

Top 5 places to surf in Jersey:


When you talk about the top 5 surf spots in Jersey, you have got to start with the Watersplash. Right in the centre of St Ouen’s Bay, it is steeped in surf history. From when Nigel Oxenden, a student of Duke Kahanamoku, was helping people catch their first wave in the 1920s, it has continued to be one of the spots surfers always check. Whether locals or tourists, and that hasn’t changed since the first European and British Championships were held there, a great scene of young and old surfers can be found hanging out, waiting for the tide or chatting about the best wave of their lives. I was so lucky to surf all day long at the Splash as a grom, and I still get excited about those days when I can do it again.



Possibly the worst kept secret in the bay, especially as the story goes that it was found by looking north up the beach from the Watersplash. Legend has it there was a ladder to climb the wall, and you would score waves with no one out. I can’t say too much more- I’ve already said too much.


We’ve all seen the iconic shots with big waves marching through and Rocco Tower behind. Not to be trifled with; unfortunately, some surfers take it on without the proper knowledge and experience- that’s when people get hurt. Everyone will have their big wave stories, but it’s always great fun if there are waves in the bay.


Occasionally, I get a pair of fins on and grab my hand plane made by Uncle Tim and body surf at Greve de Lecq. It’s the perfect wave for getting those little drainers. You have an absolute ball using Mother Nature’s washing machine and then trying to get sand out of your hair and ears for the week after.


Finding a place to sneak a few waves away from the 5-mile road can be tricky. There are a few little gems around our fair island, but a favourite of mine is St Brelade’s Bay Offering a different style of wave, which is great for all kinds of boards- not just a longboard. I love it as a place to try to find a little shelter from the westerlies in the winter, getting my fix of waves even if it is a little cold.

So that’s the rundown of my favourite spots in Jersey. Surfing is an incredible thing to do and is a lot of fun. If I may offer some advice, make sure you smile and say hi to other surfers out in the water – you are not the only person out there. Treat other surfers and the sea with respect; trust me, it will improve your surf. You never know; it might even help you find your own favourite spot.

ABOUT OUR GUEST AUTHOR: When Joe Davies isn’t surfing he is running Little Joe’s Surf Shop and Surf School right on the beach at St Ouen’s Bay.