St Aubin’s Bay & St Aubin’s Village in Jersey


St Aubin’s Bay

A long stretch of gold/ yellow sand stretching all the way to St Helier. Water sports like jet skiing are permitted from La Haule. There is a cycle track from Havre des Pas in St Helier that goes all the way along the bay to the village and then to Corbiere.


St Aubin’s Harbour

The harbour at St Aubin was originally a very small fishing port its growth came after the discovery of the huge cod stocks off Newfoundland.  Jersey traders set out to fish these waters and to bring back their `salted` cod for sale in Europe. Many of the merchants and fishing boat owners made fortunes and built grand houses along the harbour and close by, they were known locally as the ‘cod houses’.
Today, it is a popular spot for diners and visiting leisure sailors. The Harbour front is lined with bars, cafes and restaurants and the adjacent village retains much of its original charm.


St Aubin’s Village

Meandering up the hill from the harbour this is a charming spot for a stroll. Many of the original ‘cod houses’ can be seen in this area.




In the village, a stone’s throw from the harbour front is Lazin Lizard, one of our favourite restaurants in St Aubin. Small, friendly and busy on weekends with well mixed and generous cocktails to accompany the eclectic menu with dishes like jerk chicken and Sri Lanka curry.

Muddy Duck on the harbour is a very friendly place serving great bistro-style dishes with an emphasis on local seafood. Scallops, Thai style mussels and Fisherman’s Platter are all good. If you have room order the delicious sticky toffee pudding.

Nude Food Beach is on the sand on the bay at Le Haule slip. Healthy food with great vegan options.


The village/ harbour area is the start of a very pleasant, slowly climbing hill all the way to Corbiere. It is actually the old railway line, now a tree-canopied walking and cycling path.  If you fancy waterskiing or a jetski zoom around the bay, head to the Jersey Seaport Centre at La Haule on St Aubin’s Bay. St Aubin’s Fort is easy to walk to at low tide, you’ll be rewarded with great views over the bay.

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