Kayaking in Jersey

Jersey is one of the prime destinations in the British Isles for sea kayakers of all abilities.

The granite cliffs of the southwest coast are almost Mediterranean in feel and are a striking introduction to sea kayaking on the island.

In contrast to the southwest corner, the north coast feels more isolated, steep headlands, which are surrounded by fast-moving tidal races.  A perfect playground for the more experienced kayakers.

The southeast corner of Jersey s a precious marine environment, with the tide retreating over a mile but as the water floods back in, swirling and surging around the rocks it creates a unique paddling experience, set against a rich historical background of medieval castles and Napoleonic era Martello Towers.

For the more adventurous kayakers, there is the draw of the nearby offshore reefs, the Paternosters, rugged and exposed to the swell, the Ecrehous is possibly the finest one-day paddle in the world.  Whilst a visit to the Minquiers is a challenge to the most experienced kayaker.

The dramatic rise and fall of the tide, the varied geological background, the rich wildlife, and the glorious summer conditions add up to a sea kayaking destination, which is as good as anywhere.

A number of commercial operators offer introductory sessions but for the enthusiastic kayaker who wants to extend their experiences, the Jersey Canoe Club is the ideal contact point.

ABOUT OUR GUEST AUTHOR: Kevin Mansell is a Jersey kayaker who has travelled the world kayaking.. Check out some of his great photos on his [Instagram Page…]

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