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Remote working in Jersey

Start your day with an early morning swim in the Gulf Stream-warmed Bay of Mont St Michel, a cliff-top run, or maybe answering emails over coffee at one of the beach cafes in Jersey.

Here are five great reasons to work remotely from the island of Jersey:



Jersey has the third fastest broadband speed in the world!
Daily flights operate from London Gatwick Airport with a flight time of fewer than 45 minutes and from London City Airport in less than 90 minutes. The island has a mature, sophisticated finance sector with strong connections to global financial centres.



Jersey beaches are regularly voted some of the best in Europe on TripAdvisor, and locals and visitors enjoy watersports like coasteering, surfing, and swimming- even in winter! The North Coast has some spectacular cliff walks with stunning views, but wherever you are in Jersey, you are never far from a beach or bay for a sea-scented walk/ jog. Dedicated cycle paths cover large parts of the island, particularly along the south coast and countryside lanes.
UK chains like Boots, M&S, and Waitrose have outlets in Jersey, and lots of interesting local food and independent retailers mean you don’t have to rely on Amazon to deliver everything to your door.
The standard of local restaurants is high, with quality local seafood and French-style al fresco dining a feature of summers in Jersey. Beach cafes all around the island are a great place for local flavour and great value food.



Jersey’s official currency is the British Pound. The island is business friendly with high-quality office space in the town centre within a stone’s throw of UK high street banks. If you are fortunate enough to earn more than £725,000 per annum in income worldwide, there are special tax benefits and plenty of financial and real estate experts who can advise you on relocation to the island on a temporary or permanent basis.



Jersey depends on the British Crown but is not part of the United Kingdom for legal or taxation affairs. The island’s government is the States of Jersey, one of the world’s oldest legislative bodies. A long history of political stability, a legal system primarily based on English Common Law, and an S&P AA Credit Rating have made it an attractive location for international banks and HNWIs. The days of locals leaving their front doors open are no longer here, but Jersey has a very low crime rate that would be the envy of similar size communities anywhere in the world.



If you’re not a business looking to relocate to Jersey but just a person working remotely who wants some ‘time out,’ a new visitor accommodation marketplace was recently launched. You can book private apartments/houses  [here…]. Many accommodation providers will give you special rates for one month or more, especially from October to April. However, rental prices in Jersey are equivalent to some of the most expensive areas in Europe.

Jersey’s housing regulations regarding renting long-term as a permanent resident are antiquated and confusing for non-residents. It is advisable to spend short terms on the island first and, from there, see if it is right for you to live as a long-term resident. Local estate agents, lawyers, etc., can advise you of the residency requirements and options in more detail.



Jersey is certainly not a ‘cheap’ place to live. However, if you are an international financier that would like to swap city smoke for sand beneath your toes or a software company looking for high-speed global connections and sunny summer surfing, or you want to wind down for a month or two on a beautiful island, then Jersey should be on your list!

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