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From castles in the sea to stunning Atlantic sunsets, Jersey is a photographer’s dream.

Here are our five most Instagrammable locations in Jersey.

gorey castle in jersey


Where else can you find a 13th-century castle overlooking a harbour filled with every vessel, from dinghies to yachts? Let alone built on a beach with some of the largest tides on earth.

From when the sun rises behind Mont Orgueil castle to when it sets over the hill, and whether the water’s edge is close enough to touch or literally miles away, Gorey is a top spot for any Instagrammer.

Havres des Pas


Although a smaller beach than others, Havre des Pas is another golden photo spot in the town on Jersey’s south coast. If you’re interested in capturing more unusual and experimental images, you’ll like the geometry and structure of the sea-blue and white Victorian promenade.

Visiting Havres des Pas is like stepping back in time and photographing a piece of history. With its classic design and natural swimming pool, you can imagine yourself as a tourist enjoying a sixties Jersey summer.

Jersey cow


Many things make Jersey special, and our beautiful Jersey dairy cows are famous the world over. These stunning, placid creatures have wide, dark eyes and soft, curious noses. The world-famous Jersey cows certainly won’t be hard to find wherever you go on the island, so be sure to capture their beauty for your Instagram.

Les Echrehous


Known in Jersey as ‘The Ecrehous’, this tiny island group is six miles northeast of our coast. Despite their French title, they’re part of the Bailiwick and, more especially, the parish of St. Martin.

Full-time residents no longer inhabit them, but the largest island is scattered with some small fishermen’s huts. Few people in the world know about this small paradise – so it’s perfect for your unique, one-of-a-kind Instagram photo.

La Rocco Tower


This bay covers almost the entire west coast of the island and is a landscape photographer’s dream. Running parallel to what’s locally known as the ‘Five Mile Road’, it’s an expanse of open sandy space where surfers and paddle-boarders ride the Atlantic waves.

The Napoleonic La Rocco tower is a particularly striking landmark, especially when its backdrop sky turns pink.

People travel to far corners of the earth for the best sunsets to discover nothing that beats St Ouen’s Bay.

ABOUT OUR GUEST AUTHOR: Alex is a Jersey-based photographer who specialises in coastal landscapes. You can follow him on his Instagram account and view more of his photos- and purchase some- on his website.