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bass fishing in Jersey

Sea fishing in Jersey

The island of Jersey has some of the best in the British Isles. Over the years, Jersey has had many British specimen records, and the beauty is you don’t have to leave the shore to have a good day fishing.
Here is a local’s guide to the best places to fish in Jersey.


A small picturesque bay and harbour at the bottom of a wooded hill, Bouley Bay pier provides stunning views of the French coast and the Jersey-owned Ecrehous. By day it’s home to a small fishing fleet and is a great spot for afternoon angling, and you don’t have to cast too far either off the back wall or the front to catch fish. The pier can get quite busy in summer, meaning the fish are in! Grab yourself a pack of feathers and get casting. By night in the colder months, it can be an excellent place to catch yourself fresh squid.


In the bay just outside of St Helier harbour, the castle is one of Jersey’s most iconic historic attractions, the castle also provides some amazing fishing. A lengthy jetty is fishable from both sides (be careful as there is only one railing on one side), providing excellent sport away from crowds. Summer and winter provide great pollock and wrasse fishing and, by night conger, bass and rays. For the perfect peaceful day of fishing, this is a must.


This small bay is another one of Jersey’s beautiful gems. Constructed in 1870, the pier is situated on the Northwest coast, facing our neighbouring Guernsey, Herm and Sark islands. Greve provides a stunning beach, good local restaurants and a great family friends’ fishing pier. The pier can throw up anything daily, from bass to flatfish, garfish and mullet. It’s really as easy as chucking a set of feathers out and winding it in.


Situated on the tip of jerseys Northeast coast, the jetty that has stood since 1855 provides amazing views of Jersey’s neighbouring reefs and France on most clear days. Known as a local hot spot for catching sight of Jersey’s most common dolphins- bottlenose dolphins- on summer days, It also provides excellent family-friendly fishing for all ages throughout the year.  Species vary over the year but most likely will throw up pollock, wrasse, mackerel and dogfish by day and conger eel, rays and squid by night. Don’t be fooled if it’s windy in the car park. It will more than likely be sheltered along the wall. Don’t bust a gut trying to cast as far as you can. The fish are usually closer than you think.


St Helier Harbour has expanded a lot over the years. A breeding ground for many smaller fish species, but there is always the chance of throwing up a monster specimen. With plenty of easy access and lit-up areas, it can provide a perfect place for some easy fishing within walking distance of town.

The fish is never far away here; mullet cruise around the pontoons, whilst mackerel boil on the surface in the summer.

ABOUT OUR GUEST AUTHOR: Jersey born Sam Daniel has lived on the island for the whole of his life bar a couple of years on the road traveling. He has been sea fishing in Jersey for most of his life but he also enjoys hiking & trekking. Follow his fishing adventures on Instagram at Beneath the Waves Fishing..
You can also check out his videos on YouTube below: