Secret Bays & Beaches in Jersey

These bays and beaches in Jersey are rarely busy and even in high summer months most are very quiet during the week. All are safe for competent swimmers and in summer are generally calm and inviting. However, remember that Jersey has some of the fastest tides in Europe so avoid getting caught out on rocks and islets at low tide, don’t swim alone on deserted beaches past your depth and never swim when the tide is up against the sea walls.



This small pebble bay on the east coast of Jersey is one of Jersey’s smallest but prettiest hidden beaches with a Martello Tower at one end of the beach. Archirondel Bay is tucked away from the road between Anneport and St Catherine’s Bay. The water is crystal clear and calm, a beautiful bay for a quiet swim.



La Motte AKA Green Island beach is a short bus ride from town or a 15 minute walk along the beach from Havre des Pas. The beach is small and sandy with good swimming at mid to high tide. The green grass covered islet just offshore that gives the beach its common name is uncovered when the tide is low and you can walk out to it.



Between Corbiere and La Pulente is this sheltered bay, a popular spot in summer for kayakers and it’s on a regular bus route.



Lovely swimming at this quiet, shingle beach. Get the bus to St Catherine’s Bay and ask the driver for the stop or walk- about 30 mins from Gorey harbour.



Tucked behind the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club at St Aubin’s Harbour is this little gem, sometimes called Pebble Beach. Walk to the end of the beach and take a dip in the sheltered waters between the rocks looking back at a hill covered in trees.


We hope that you enjoy our 5 secret beaches in Jersey. Check out our Top 10 Beaches in Jersey.


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