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5 Favourite Jersey Summer Spots

5 must-see summer spots in Jersey


This beach is set on the southwestern part of the island. This is a very eye-catching spot to spend your summer day. With its light blue waters, the beach is a perfect place when you want to have a tranquil escape from the hassle of a busy life.
With its sandy beach, topped by pebbles at the entrance, this area delivers its charm both in high and low tides. It can be accessed only by steep stairs and a path from the top car park. This makes a unique site to enjoy on a summer’s day and a great spot for some beautiful Instagram photos.


The lighthouse at La Corbière is undoubtedly one of the most photographed places in Jersey. Its striking white structure catches the eyes of many tourists. It is surrounded by rocks and navy blue waters, which escape into charming little bays in the low tide when accessed along a causeway. Remember, Jersey has very fast tides, so don’t get caught out, and when the alarm sounds, head back to shore.
Built on a rock in the 19th century away from the shore remains a working lighthouse for seamen and a magical destination for tourists to capture photos with spectacular sunsets. You can enjoy a good meal at the bar/ restaurant overlooking the lighthouse or a perfect whipped Jersey milk ice cream served from a van.
Whatever the weather Corbiere Lighthouse has a special beauty.


Plemont Bay is one of Jersey’s most picturesque bays on the northwest coast of Jersey, surrounded by soaring cliffs. The beach is flooded by the sea at high tide, and low tide exposes a beautiful golden sandy beach protected from the wind by rock-enclosed shining pools. A magical cave at the back of the beach has its own waterfall.
The beach is accessed by a steep staircase from the car park atop the bay. Usually, the sea there is calm, giving plenty of opportunity to swim and settle in on the sand with your packed picnic.


Portelet Bay is an exceptionally beautiful beach set between Noirmont and Portelet . Access to the bay is either by quite steep steps or by boat which makes this place very popular for mariners too. A quiet spot far from the noise of traffic provides the perfect place to relax on the beach and enjoy a pizza in the nearby beach café. There is a small island in the middle of the bay- Janvrin’s Tomb- which is a fantastic photo opportunity.


Named by TripAdvisor users as one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK, St Brelade’s Bay is definitely a beach you need to visit. Its golden sand and clear turquoise waters with high palm trees make this beach a perfect sunbathing and swimming beach for locals and visitors alike. With its direct access to shallow waters, many locals come here for the whole year round to have a swim. It is the most popular beach for tourists, with many cafes, restaurants and hotels.
You can rent a sunbed and windbreak and enjoy your day from the morning sunshine to sunset. This is the place for tranquil paddle-boarding with the family and other water activities in the summer. This is a perfect bay for fine dining; you can relax beachfront on the terrace at L’Horizon Beach Hotel and Spa, St Brelade’s Bay Hotel or the Oyster Box Restaurant for great al fresco dining. For family eating, you can pop in for a pizza from the popular sea-view Pizza Express restaurant on the bay.

ABOUT OUR GUEST AUTHOR: Yvonne Anderson is a travel blogger and a passionate traveller. She holds an Employment Law degree and works as an HR Manager in one of the most luxurious hotels in Jersey. Follow her on Instagram.